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Jaideep Bihani, Spending 2.2 Crore Rupees To Support Teachers And Students During The Pandemic

Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan [India]: Pandemic has ruined people’s lives. Who do you think got affected the most and is still not recovering from its losses? It’s the educational sector. Though the other sectors have started their business and trying to get back to the form, education institutions are still facing troubles due to covid-19.

But the Bihani Education Trust, Sri Ganganagar understands the situation of both students and teachers and is trying their best to satisfy them. While all other educational institutes have stopped paying salaries to their employees Bihani Education Trust has paid 66% of their salary every month to their employees during a pandemic time. Even paying fees has been a burden to the parents. To avoid such pressurized situations, the Bihani trust has decided to collect only 60% of the total school fee from the parents.

This fantastic idea to give away 66% of salaries to the employees was Jaideep Bihani’s. He is the one who took a stand for his employees. Born on 16th June 1965 in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. Bihani is a commerce student. Being a commerce student Bihani always knew the value of money. He is also one of the most important members of the Sri Ganganagar Chamber of Commerce. Bihani is helping his employees with everything that he has. He is also a member of Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Mahasabha.

Mr. Bihani didn’t just show his humanity in paying salaries. Indeed he helped a lot of people. Bihani was appointed as the director for 7 institutes that were taking care of children right from primary education to PG. These institutes consisted of around 8000 students and 450 teachers. Jaideep has also served as the president of Sri Ganagangar’s District Cricket Association.

Not just being a member of many associations, Jaideep Bihani has fought Vidhan Sabha elections and he was massively supported by the people there. He is not just a human helping another human, he has a kind heart towards animals and is a patron at the Shree Ghoshala in Sri Ganganagar. Bihani has actively taken part in activities of  Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh(RSS), Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Vanavasi Kalyan Parishad.

To avoid burden and dissatisfaction for the Teachers, Jaideep has decided to give away the rest of the employees’ salary in the form of bonus. The total amount is estimated as 2.2 crores. It is decided that this 2.2 crores amount will be given to the employees in 2 terms. In the first term, a total of Rupees 1,23,71,136 will be given to the employees. And the rest of 98 lacs will be given in the second term. Despite losses and the closure of the educational Institute Jaideep Bihani has taken this decision to support his employees in hard times.

Being the former president of the Federation of Rajasthan Trade and Industry and former vice president of Akhil Bhartiya Vaishya Mahasammelan, Jaideep has served this society in many ways and is an inspiration to many people.

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Pawan Singh Chauhan Explains How India is Opening New Windows for Engineering Aspirants

The Magic of Mathematics to stay for conventional Branches, and a multidisciplinary approach, with or without PCM, would lead India to a higher stage of Advancement in imparting Quality Technical Education.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh [India]: Gone are the days when parents used to tell their wards about the magic of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, popularly known as PCM, to build a career in engineering or to be proud of being an engineer. We are now in a new age and the higher technical education system is undergoing a complete structural change. New Education Policy 2020 outlined the roadmap and it is up to states to take it forward. As soon as the technical education regulator All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) issued the Approval Handbook for 2021-22 on eligibility, parents and students initially found themselves those guidelines obfuscating.

The AICTE quickly cleared the doubts by saying that Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics will continue to be important subjects in engineering courses and it is not mandatory for state government or institutions to offer these courses to students who have not studied them in class 12. This is perfectly aligned with the existing system, but the new system has to have innovative components.

“Students opting for streams like Biotechnology, Textile, or Agriculture Engineering will have an option to not study these subjects in class 12, says AICTE Chairperson Anil Sahasrabudhe. While institutions would be offering such courses, on the need basis students can make up for PCM through bridge courses later.

Technical education experts, while welcoming the move, find the new guidelines innovative and progressive to meet the global demand of technocrats, especially in new emerging fields.

Pawan Singh Chauhan, Chairman, SR Group of Institutions views the development as futuristic and says that there is a window of opportunity for the students by this new Approval Handbook. “A multidisciplinary outlook removes the barrier from PCM as the compulsory subjects for engineering.  The move will create a win-win situation for both Institutions/Universities and students. The new age branches or sectors offer huge opportunities for not only the job but also better salary packages, compared to traditional ones,” expounds  Singh.

Earlier, without Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry at the 12th board level, it was not possible to even think about writing entrance exams for Engineering. New Education Policy recognized and acknowledged the need for a structural change in the existing system and provided the much-needed change to create a new technical education ecosystem in the country.

“From a technical institution point of view, we would be able to offer more engineering courses to the aspirants and thereby a large number of them would be enrolled for pursuing various courses. The faculty would be expanded and a multi-disciplinary approach would certainly lead to a higher stage of advancement in terms of quality technical education,” adds Singh.

In its revised rules aligned as per reforms proposed in the new National Education Policy (NEP), the technical regulator has given a list of 14 subjects – Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Information Technology, Biology, Informatics Practices, Biotechnology, Technical Vocational subject, Engineering Graphics, Business Studies, Entrepreneurship. Another progressive move is that now students need to pass in any three subjects from the list with a minimum of 45 percent marks in class 12 board examinations to be able to apply for admission in undergraduate courses in engineering.

As State Universities and Technical Institutions would prefer to adopt the NEP, it is expected that the AICTE would not restrict them through its guidelines. Multidisciplinary approach augers well for the development of a new system.

Going forward, the states or institutions would prefer to widen the scope of engineering. However, they need to focus more on quality to meet global standards. Apart from IITs and a few other prestigious tech institutions, Indian Engineering Colleges are not rated very high as per global standards. The New Education Policy and the proposed structural changes have offered an opportunity to transform the way India educates and trains its technical workforce.

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Lifology research report points out “Happy students learn better” and 81% of parents and teachers say ‘Happy Schools & Happy Homes’ enhance academic performance.

Bangalore, Karnataka [India]: The Guinness World Record-winning Lifology has celebrated the United Nation’s International Day of happiness with ‘HappinED Conclave’ where 30 eminent principals from various states of India and the middle east participated.

The 3-day conclave from March 20 – 22nd also saw the release of the research report which highlights many aspects which were deliberated by the august panel. The most important finding of the research was “happy students learn better”. The conclave pointed out the importance of the notion of ‘happy schools and happy homes’ as the most important factor of academic performance. The research report expounded the idea of the “Happiness Unit & Happiness Index” in schools which the conclave discussed and endorsed.

The research report stressed the importance of parenting sessions in schools, the need of family education, and inspiring a holistic paradigm of education and career in society. The research was spearheaded by Executive Director of APCDA Dr. Marilyn Maze (UK) and Rahul J Nair, Director Lifology.

“India has an important demographic dividend now, and it is imperative that we focus on their happiness and psychological well-being from school days. Along with improving the infrastructure of schools, the ‘human infrastructure paradigm’ energised by the aspects of ‘The pursuit of happiness through Education’ needs to be inculcated into the system” opined Dr. Marilyn Maze and Rahul J Nair, who led the research.

  • Research led by a group of Lifologists and Psychologists across 12 states of India and Indian diaspora of the middle east.
  • The survey covered 12 states of India and 31,257 parents | released as a part of celebrating United Nation’s International Day of Happiness. UN Resolution A/RES/66/281
  • 30 Principals from eminent schools of India and the Middle East participated.

It has been found that families are not giving keen focus on providing a happy environment for students and studied. The study also focused on the difference between “learned teachers” and “Learning teachers” which emphasised the importance of the latter.

Praveen Parameswar, CEO of Lifology said “In a post-Covid world, more and more focus needs to go to mental health along with physical wellbeing and academics. Our research also concurs with the Harvard Grant study’s implications and we will work to create awareness on these deep and nuanced aspects across schools of the nation”.

Lifology is India’s first and largest guidance eco system for parents. It helps the parents to identify the right solution for every education, learning, skill development, and career planning needs of the children. It is a stop comprehensive destination for every concern of parents related to their children’s future. They focus on the Career, Education, and Future of students and have been pioneering various conclaves focused on enhancing learning amount students.

The organisation has signed MOUs and associating with the Govt of Uttar Pradesh, Govt of Karnataka, and also partners of GEMS Dubai, the world’s largest school chain. Their offices in Dubai and UK are doing similar research in the field of education. They have offices in Bengaluru and Trivandrum.

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Krishnamurti Foundation India Releases Real Crisis – A Digital Booklet of excerpts of J. Krishnamurti’s talks, dialogues and writings of 5 decades relevant to the crisis facing humanity

It presents the basis of our crisis and the way out of it.

Delhi, [India] : Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI), was  founded by philosopher, religious teacher,, speaker and writer – Jiddu Krishnamurti, has released a digital booklet – The Real Crisis, in response to the existing world crisis sparked by the pandemic.. This booklet has excerpts drawn from  J. Krishnamurti’s talks and writings of five decades from 1934 to 1985. Real Crisis digital book can be availed online at in 9 Indian languages, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Telegu, Bengali, and Odia as well as in English.

Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986) was one of the 20th century’s most influential religious teachers. He is regarded as one of the most significant voices of our times and as one who has a most profound impact on human consciousness. Born in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, he travelled constantly around the world, giving talks to thousands of listeners, writing, holding discussions with the brightest minds of the century, or sitting silently with those who sought his compassionate and healing presence.

He revealed the workings of the human mind with great precision and pointed out how it was the origin of all our crises. To preserve and make available for posterity his teachings without any distortion, he set up 4 foundations, each in India, UK, US and Spain. The Krishnamurti Foundation India has recently released a digital book, The Real Crisis, that will provide clarity to anyone interested in exploring their own condition in this crisis. It presents relevant questions such as, ‘‘Why has man, who has lived for thousands and thousands of years, come to such misery and conflict?… If you put aside the easy explanations of over-population, lack of morality—which goes with technological knowledge and this lack of direct communication—what then is the fundamental reason, the fundamental cause of this misery? Why is it that in a country like this that has had the tradition of goodness, kindliness, of not killing, of not being brutal… why is it and whence is it that something has gone totally wrong?’

A spokesperson for the KFI said, “It is 35 years since Krishnamurti died. A whole new generation has grown up without having any knowledge about the sacred treasure that he left behind. What he spoke and wrote about is as relevant today, perhaps more, and it is our intent to make available, to this new young generation, the teachings that could provide much needed guidance and clarity in these difficult times. When asked about his role, Krishnamurti answered: ‘My only concern is to set man absolutely, unconditionally free.’  The KFI, headquartered in Chennai, has in print, more than a 100 of his books. Our dedicated youtube channel has hundreds of videos of his talks and dialogues. The Real Crisis – Digital Booklet is free to download from our website – and is our way of making the teachings easily accessible.”

The Krishnamurti Foundation India has published nearly 100 books of his talks, dialogues, and writings.  These are some of the more widely read books over the past sixty years and are available at and Amazon. His teachings can be also be accessed at The Real Crisis is made available in 10 languages so that people of different geographies can easily access the teachings.

About J. Krishnamurti

  1. Krishnamurti (1895 – 1986) is regarded by many as the most significant voice of our times and as one who has a most profound impact on human consciousness. Born in Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh, he travelled constantly around the world, giving talks to thousands of listeners, writing, holding discussions with the brightest minds of the century, or sitting silently with those who sought his compassionate and healing presence.

Sage, philosopher, and religious teacher, Krishnamurti illumined the lives of millions the world over – it is estimated that he talked to more people in recorded history. More than three million copies of his books have sold worldwide. His material legacy, consisting chiefly of video and audio recordings of his talks and dialogues, is vast.  These dialogues and talks can be accessed at his official channel

Education that would bring about a human being with a radically new consciousness was close to Krishnamurti’s heart. He set up schools in India, UK and USA. Today, the Krishnamurti Foundation India has  six schools – Rishi Valley school (Madanapalle), Rajghat Besant School (Varanasi), Valley School (Bengaluru), The School-KFI (Chennai), Sahayadri School (Pune) and Pathashaala school (near Chennai). Each of these schools has a study centre that is open to anyone wishing to engage with the teachings.

The Krishnamurti Foundation India is located at the Vasanta Vihar in Chennai. This used to be Krishnamurti’s home when he toured India. Today it houses a study centre, a library, a bookstore and an archive of the original teachings.

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Brilliant Achievers @ Young Age – Making India Proud

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Meet India’s Brilliant Achieves who doesn’t have the backing of Instagram or the movie industry and these Shining Stars are changing the Indian Skies inspiring the new generation.

Ojas Barve – A serial Edtech intrapreneur who has mastered the art and science of content creation in the education industry, Young and dynamic Ojas has  lead new product initiatives, enabled value chain innovation, expedited legacy processes and built behavioral and pedagogical models at scale identifies content lead innovation as his unique strength.

Currently building “BeyondSkool”, a unique education platform for upskilling children in the age group of 5-15 years of age. Ojas believes that the current Indian education system needs a complete overhaul and he is already laying the foundation at BeyondSkool – World’s 1st IQ + EQ + CQ multiple intelligence curriculum Live Online Upskilling Academy for Kids which focuses on providing kids with Subject-Knowledge and upskill them with higher-order thinking skills of Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Articulation, Innovation, Decision-Making and Collaboration to create Problem Solvers, Innovators and Influencers.

Ojas says “I believe holistic education of millennial is the most fundamental way to solve our country’s problems and I am on this mission.”

BeyondSkool’s core strength lies in its content and Vice President Ojas is the brain behind end to end content creation and management. He has honed his skills over the years working with LIDO Learning and heading the curriculum design and content development for its live online tutoring platform and has been a recipient of the Ace Award for exceptional performance within four months of his joining. He led the content development for the products at and has spearheaded the learning content and SEO bridge project. He has also worked for Corporate Relations at International Institute of Sports Management and has taught courses in Communication & Management to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In January 2016, he founded ‘Excel Institute of Languages’ to train students in Foreign Languages. In his decade long stint in the education space, he has transformed the current learning dynamics through technology and content intelligence.

Against All Odds – How Vibhas Sen challenged his Physical challenges

This Brilliant Achiever is a Gold medalist in wheelchair fencing and silver medalist in Swimming. Meet Vibhas Sen a Tedx speaker and a paraolympian who has represented India internationally who was diagnosed with Polio as a child and his family never imagined that he will find his way into sports. With disability awareness lacking in Mumbai, India during his childhood, Vibhas usually stayed inside when his friends and classmates were outside playing. At the age of 12, he was denied the opportunity to swim at a local pool when coaches expressed concerns about being unable to teach a person with a disability.

Vibhas began a successful career in digital marketing after earning his B.S. in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai in 2008. But Vibhas had it in him to prove it to the world that he is not equal to his physically complete fellow humans but by sheer will power and determination he can be a better sportsman than them.  And by his mid-20’s he was ready to pursue swimming again and convinced a coach to teach him how to swim. After six months of training, Vibhas was invited to participate in a state competition, where he surprised himself and won a silver medal. After that there was no looking back, he had developed the confidence that he can achieve the impossible.

“Since that moment I have been rewriting the sports history of my family,” Vibhas says.

After three years of intense swim training, Vibhas transitioned to wheelchair fencing, where he convinced a coach to train him. “I told my coach to take a chance on me—we could work together, watch a lot of YouTube videos, and do whatever I needed to prove myself,” Vibhas recalls. “After training for one year, there was a state championship and we won gold. Then we won gold again at nationals a month later.”

At the start of 2017, Vibhas was ranked 35th internationally in men’s sabre. He competes regularly at the international level with the aim of reaching the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. In addition to training, he works as the senior manager of digital marketing for PNB MetLife Insurance India and serves on the committees for the Maharashtra Paralympic Swimming Association, Mumbai Fencing Association, and Wheelchair Fencing Federation of India.

Throughout India, disability awareness and accessibility challenges present challenges preventing many of the country’s approximately 27 people with disabilities from accessing sports. Driven by this reality, Vibhas is active as a coach and speaker, visiting rehabilitation centers to speak with families and individuals who recently acquired disabilities.

“Before sports, people just knew me as the disabled guy in advertising—that was my standard bio” Vibhas says. “Now their entire perspective has taken a 180 degree turn. When I was young, I was blocked because of a lack of awareness and support. Now, I want to make sure no other para athlete goes through the hardships I went through.”

For his mentorship experience, Vibhas travelled to one of the foremost rehabilitation facilities in the United States. At Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, he was mentored by two leaders in the area of adaptive sports advocacy, research, and programs: Mary Patstone, director of adaptive sports and recreation, and Dr. Cheri Blauwet, attending physician at Spaulding, chairperson of the IPC Medical Committee, and seven-time Paralympic medalist in wheelchair racing. For years, Mary served as the director of development for a hospital in Cape Cod that later became a part of Spaulding, as well as in chief roles with the regional branch of the American Red Cross. She is very familiar with grassroots development and the important role played by partnerships in making adaptive sports sustainable. Similarly, Dr. Cheri is closely affiliated with the Paralympic movement and exposed Vibhas to key networks and relationships. These established leaders helped provide Vibhas with the tools he needs for achieving his dream of a nationwide movement of adaptive sports in India.

Today Vibhas is inspiring the New Generation that with Will Power, Sheer Grit and Perseverance all the challenges can be overcome and you can achieve the impossible.

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This Valentine’s Day : Give your Heart to SURAT!

“Keep your city clean and green for the future generations to be seen!”

Surat, Gujarat [India] : We always appreciate good things but fail to reciprocate, like when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, we turn into best orators and tend to be the best critics of our city; but how many of us truly make an effort to clean our surrounds or have stopped people from spreading dirt?

This valentine’s day, IDT urges Surtis to acknowledge their social responsibilities towards their city.

Through their masterpieces, designed exclusively using non-biodegradable waste (straws, plastic pipes, spoons, plates, CDs, etc.), by the students of fashion design, IDT wants to promote Reuse and Recycle as two magical mantras in developing cleaner surroundings.

The director of IDT, Mr. Anupam Goyal addressed to the people-“I firmly believe in the saying – What you throw into the universe – comes back to you. So, be ready to embrace it! If there is something which you don’t require anymore; discover another way of using it, if not then look for someone who might need it; if it’s wrecked, then try to repair it before disposing.

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The Seventh Literary Work of Sabarna Roy, “Fractured Mosaic” Unveiled

Kolkata, West Bengal [India] : Mr Sabarna Roy, author of six critically acclaimed bookstoday unveiledhis seventh book, Fractured Mosaic. It was unveiled in thepresence of Chief Guest, Mr Jawhar Sircar, Former CEO of Prasar Bharati, and the Guests of Honor, Mr Low, the British Deputy High Commissioner;MsVirginieCorteval, French Consul General; and MsPriti Patel, renowned dancer.

“Fractured Mosaic is in essence a sequel to my fifth literary work, titled: Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018. It is yet another kaleidoscope from my arsenal that will take the readers to a mesmerizing whirlpool. Most of the works published in this book have been earlier published in reputed media houses as musings of an author; in this book they have been brought together for the benefit of all the readers. After the smashing hit of my earlier six master pieces since 2010, I am constantly writing in the format of a journal to imitate how the mind works in real life”, said Mr Sabarna Roy, Author.

The luminaries of Kolkata today witnessed a unique cinematic motion picture animation of three short poems of Sabarna Roy from Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018 followed by selected readings from Fractured Mosaic by Sabarna Roy and Rita Roy interspersed with three songs by UshaUthup and two dance performances by Ranan. The launch was curated by the famous arts and events curator, OindrillaDutt.

Fractured Mosaic is published by Leadstart of Mumbai. The book was released worldwide on January 25, 2021 and it reached the Amazon bestseller peak on February 3, 2021.

About Sabarna Roy

Sabarna Roy is a much awarded, critically acclaimed bestselling author of 6 literary books: Pentacles; Frosted Glass; Abyss; Winter Poems; Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018, and Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020. He is the lead author of a technical book, which has been published from the European Union and has been translated into 8 major European languages.

He has been awarded the Literoma Laureate Award in 2019, Literoma Star Achiever Award 2020, Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018 won the best book of the year 2019, the A List Award for excellence in fiction by the NewsX Media House, Certificate for The Real Super Heroes for spreading a spirit of positivity and hope during the COVID-19 Pandemic from Forever Star India Award 2020, and the Certificate for Participation in the Indo Russian Friendship Celebration 2020, the Literoma Golden Star Award 2020: Lifetime Achievement, the Certificate of Appreciation for featuring in the Hall of Fame of Literoma International Symposium on Literature & Festival 2020, and the Times Eminent Writer of the Year award by The Times of India Group in Kolkata in February 2020.

About OindrillaDutt

Oindrilla Dutta is an arts and events curator. She has presented events at Prinsep Memorial, Lascar Monument, Town Hall. She has worked with Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Amitabh Bachchan, UshaUthup, Mallika Sarabhai, Pt Balmurli Krishna, the late Guru KelucharanMahapatra, Shubha Mudgal etc. Oindrilla has directed son-et-lumieres at heritage sites such as Victoria Memorial. She has been a broadcaster. She has moderated discussions with the late Yash Chopra, Mahesh Bhupati, Jaya Bachchan, Malika Sarabhai, Shobhaa De, former Vice President the Hon’ble Hamid Ansari, Kiran Bedi, Sunil and PriyaDutt, SmritiIrani etc. She has written a book on the Kolkata Police, columns for The Telegraph and Times of India and various articles. Served on the editorial board of Upper Crust magazine. She is associated with NGOs, such as IICP, The Calcutta Samaritans and Crafts Council of West Bengal. She was the first delegate to the Cannes Ad Film Festival, from Kolkata. She has served on POSH related Complaints Committees set up by The Calcutta Stock Exchange and SEBI, CCFC and more.

About Leadstart

Leadstart Publishing, a Mumbai-based media-tech publishing house, distributor, and rights agency platform, had announced that it has raised Rs 3 crore in a pre-Series A round of funding from Hyderabad’s angel investment network, SucSEED Venture Partners. The round also saw participation from Mumbai Angel Network, and JITO Angel Network. Founded by Swarup Nanda in 2010, Leadstart Publishing is using the funds to scale operations, develop technology, and focus on customer acquisition. We see them playing a big role, considering content is emerging as key for publishing, entertainment, and OTT sector.”

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Subhash Charan : GK Teacher & founder of Trending Application Dhurina

Rajasthan, [India] : A man born in a small district of Rajasthan is changing the lives of individuals from all over the country. Yes, you have heard it right this person is none other than Subhash Charan who has extended his hands to help the students to learn general knowledge in several easy ways. The way he taught his students is very normal hence creative. He has made GK a fun subject to learn and crack many tough examinations.

Coming from a middle-class family background, where people kill their dreams to earn. He fulfilled his dream and is now helping the youths to make their dream come true. Subhash did his schooling from Pilania Academy and graduation from Chaudhary college in Rajasthan. Are you facing difficulty in learning general knowledge? Then must visit his youtube channel GK Subhash Charan, where you will find solutions to many issues you face. He has worked so hard in the field of teaching that he has achieved everything from his knowledge. His youtube channel is having more than one million subscribers and he has bagged a silver button too.

A new initiative has also been taken by him an institute has been inaugurated named ‘Subhash Gurukul’ in Taranagar, Rajasthan. Many people made the occasion special by their presence.  The main purpose of this institute is to prepare students for competitive examinations. Just on the first day of its inauguration, several students have shown their interest and willingness to be one of the students in the first batch. Talking about the number of batches Charan said that right now the first batch have been formed and soon he will introduce the second batch as well.

He teaches several students by both online and offline classes. He has contributed his talent and knowledge in many institutions of Rajasthan as well. Subhash is running his youtube channel for free to teach the talented young minds of India. Not only this, Charan has launched an e-learning application named Dhurina. Dhurina is made for those students who are willing to learn but cannot pay fees of commercial institution. These days the fees to teach a primary class student is so high that parents have nothing to save especially in middle-class families. But with the help of Dhurina, many students can be benefitted.

Dhurina is an e-learning application that goes about as a scaffold among teachers and instructors. Numerous online free counterfeit test applications with many ibps video addresses courses educated by splendid educators are available in the application. One can take courses in anything from IBPS, SSC, Railway RRB, Mock Tests and Exam Prep application, Railway RRB, contemplates, and so forth and the application builds up the help according to the interest of the everyday application clients.

And after launching this amazing application Subhash Charan got numerous proposals to sell his youtube channel, and even he was offered the cost of one crore however he discredited it since Subhash education is bigger than money. Dhurina and Subhash got trending together as soon as the app reached the masses.

He helped numerous students by helping them financially. Once there was a student from Madhya Pradesh who reached him for taking his courses on the web, yet couldn’t pay a lot. Subhash gave him the entirety of the necessary exercises and course for only 200 INR. The student is now in a very good position. He wrote a book to help his students as they were unable to learn while writing the notes.

He expanded his hands for improvement as well as the betterment of society and helping the poor. He helped numerous COVID-19 patients/fighters by giving 5 lakh rupees during the lockdown. He upheld more than 200 families and gave them ration for seven days. He disseminated more than one lakh masks and more than 1,000 sanitisers during Coronavirus pandemic.

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Marriott International to own a class in AURO University

Signs MOU to train andemploy AURO School of Hospitality students on ‘first preference’ basis in placements at its hotels

First such collaboration of an International chain like Marriott with any university in Gujarat

Marriott will ‘Own a Class’; will help in designing curriculum and holding guest lectures, faculty development and placements

Surat, Gujarat : Marriott International,India’s leading hospitality chain and AURO university, Surat, today signeda MOU for enhancing the learning platform and creating training, internship and employment opportunitieson ‘first preference’ basis for the students of the School of Hospitality Management of AURO University.

This is the first MOU for a globally reputed hotel chain with a University from Gujarat. The event was blessed byMr H P Rama, Founder President and Chancellor of AURO University, Mr Craig Smith, Group President (International Division), Marriott International, Mr D J Rama, President and CEO, AURO Hotels, USA and Vice Chancellor of AURO University Prof (Dr) Rajan Welukar. The MOU was signed by Marriott International’s Senior Vice President Operations (APEC)Mr. Neeraj Govil and on behalf of AURO University by itsVice Chancellor Prof. (Dr) Rajan Welukar.

This is a symbolic day, as both organizations shall come together based upon mutual common core values. This collaborative partnership desires to intentionally and strategically instil these values, as well as enhance and support success for future contributing members of the hospitality industry through internship, guest talks, career planning workshops, in order to provide them with better placement opportunities.

“We are pleased to partner with AURO University to provide an exceptional opportunity for students to start and grow their careers in the dynamic hospitality industry. Marriott International prides itself on its depth and diversity of talent, believes in the importance of training and value of upskilling, and is honored to help the next generation of hospitality leaders hone their skills and achieve their full potential,” added Craig C. Smith, Group President and Managing Director, Marriott International, Inc., who oversees global operations and development for the company’s International Division with responsibility for more than 2,300 hotels spanning 130 countries and territories around the world. “This collaborative initiative is a step forward in strategically building the industry’s talent pool by empowering deserving young people with the range of skills and experience needed to realize bright careers and take hospitality to new heights.”

“We are pleased to partner and support this pioneering initiative with AURO University. Our combined forces are a step forward in our commitment to building the next generation of hospitality professionals and equipping them to operate in a dynamic & challenging business environment. It is an honour to partner with such esteemed institute to effectively create the next generation talent pool for Marriott Hotels,” Said Neeraj Govil, Senior Vice President of Operations, APEC, Marriott International.

On the occasion, Mr H P Rama mentioned, “This agreement with Marriott (India) and AURO University represents culmination of true partnership between two organizations with purpose of providing a learning platform for a real-life experience through education and internship. Our students will be ready BEFORE THEY GRADUATE FOR A REWARDING CAREER in hospitality industry.”

Mr DJ Rama expressed, “Our relationship with Marriott organization started in 1996 and we both share the same family values. Today is a symbolic day for us to instil these values to our next generation business leaders through AURO University.”

During the signing ceremony, Prof. (Dr) RajanWelukar presented information about various programs and initiatives offered by School of Hospitality Management and said “With the world going through difficult times, it is imperative to expand the pool of local talent and we are confident that by working with Marriott as our industry partners, we will be able to achieve the goals of our academic delivery”.

About AURO University

AURO University, Surat, is one of the fastest growing Universities in Gujarat, established under Gujarat State Private Universities Act 2009 and approved u/s 2(f) and 22 of the UGC Act, and Regulations 2003. AURO University is inspired by the vision and teachings of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh and The Divine Mother. It is a progressive center for integral learning and leadership, where the mind, body and spirit are aligned and prepared to embark on a journey of lifelong enrichment for both, the individual and the community. There are eight schools running at AURO University with 1250+ students’ on-board offering 30+ PhD, PG and UG programs in various disciplines like Business, Hospitality Management, Law, Information Technology, Design, Journalism & Mass Communication, Liberal Arts and Human Sciences and Sciences. For more information, please visit our website at

About Marriott International

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Nationwide Immigration Services: The Best Canada Immigration consultants of India

CEO Mr. Rajiv Arora said that the success of Nationwide Immigration is merely due to their values, ethics, quality consulting and the hard work

New Delhi [India] : Canada has always been one of the top immigration destinations for skilled workers and immigration aspirants from all over the world. The world-class education, universal healthcare, high-wages for professional workers, social status, and benefits have been a magnet for thousands. Besides, the number of Indians who became permanent residents in Canada doubled from 2016 to 2019. Flattered by beautiful scenery, easy-going lifestyle, stable economy, and an immigrant-friendly society, Indians contribute the highest no. of the immigrant population in Canada.

According to the analysis conducted by NFAP on ICCRC data revealed the number of Indians immigrating to Canada increased from 39,340 in 2016 to 80,685 in the first 11 months of 2019. Out of the total no. of the Indian population admitted to Canada in 2019, 40,275 were admitted via Express Entry, which accounts for 47% of total ITA’s issued to Indians.

Being the fastest-growing economy ranked at 10th in the world, the country offers a huge advantage to migrating Entrepreneurs, Start-up Accelerators, and Business Investors by offering permanent residency to them & their families. While drilling down the details about Canada’s upcoming plans for immigration, a conversation between Business Mint and Mr. Rajiv Arora, the founder of Nationwide Immigration Services Pvt. Ltd. ( ) has made a lot of things clear. They are India’s leading visa consulting firm, awarded as the Best Immigration Consultants in India for Canada and Most Trusted Visa Brand in India 2018.

Nationwide Immigration was also nominated amongst the top thirty trend setters companies of India in an award ceremony that took place at London in the year 2018.

CEO Mr. Rajiv Arora said that the success of Nationwide Immigration is merely due to their values, ethics, quality consulting and the hard work of the whole team of Nationwide Visas. He further said that “In the upcoming years, Canada plans to invite over 1.2 million people to live and work in Canada permanently. This is, by far, one of the biggest immigration news in the world. The 2021 – 2023 immigration plans were announced by Marco Mendicino, Minister of IRCC on October 30, 2020. They are trying to mitigate the gap of the rising demand for skilled workers in Canada, as well as, invigorate the consistently rising economy with educated working professionals.”

He further added “By the end of 2021, the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) would have issued over 4 lakh PR Visas. Canada will admit such a huge number of immigrants in one year after 1913. If the target is met by the end of 2021, it will triple the entry rate from 6% in 2018 to 17. 6% in 2021.”

“Though Nationwide Visas help candidates with all types of programs including Canada Express Entry, PNP, Spousal Sponsorship, Study visa, work permit & all kinds of Business Investment programs for Canada.

Mr. Arora shared that more than half of the migrants are interested in migrating on a Canada PR Visa through Express Entry itself, as it is the fastest immigration program ever in history. They have always been one step ahead, advising their clients to immigrate to Canada with the most suitable program according to their profile. They offer quality visa consulting services to students, skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs, MSMEs, and other business owners

Located in Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram and Canada, the team takes care of clients by offering the best Canada PR visa consulting to residents of Tier-1 cities in India as well as international residents interested in immigrating to Canada. The team ensures flawless and end-to-end immigration services for all the candidates so that they don’t face any difficulties while applying for Canada PR, and moving to Canada. Nationwide Visas offers the best representation to their clients by having an association with two ICCRC registered members and a post-landing team in Canada.

The values of great leadership helped them stand out among their competitors, which is why they were nominated as “The Best Immigration Consultants of India” by Business Mint. After accessing their performance in the industry since their inception, the jury collectively concluded to present this award to Nationwide Immigration Services private limited.

From CEO’s Desk

A lawyer and immigration expert, CEO Mr. Rajiv Arora said, “Canada tops the list of countries by Quality of Life and offers a point-based immigration system for skilled professionals and entrepreneurs. That’s why Canada is the best place for Indians to migrate and settle. In fact, over a million Indians already call Canada their second home. Besides, helping people secure opportunities overseas makes us proud of what we do. Moreover, the increased quota of immigration will increase the number of people in Express Entry Draws from 3500 to 4500 in 2021. Keeping the downward trend of CRS cut off in mind, it may further decrease to 465- 468 in upcoming draws starting from January 2021.

Why Nationwide Visas

Nationwide Immigration Services is ICCRC Registered and one of India’s best immigration consultancy. The entire team of Nationwide works on a policy Mission Zero Defect which is derived from the famous Japanese concept of KAIZEN. Therefore, our vision and mission is to improve the quality of services each day to equip our clients with thorough information about the immigration process, enabling them to make informed decisions. Established in 2007, we aim to holistically cater to the immigration needs of our clients. Our Immigration and Visa Consultants render personalized assistance at every step of the client’s immigration journey.

As the best immigration consultants in India, we consult and counsel our clients to the best of our abilities and with transparent information on their eligibility for a visa. With a presence in this industry for over 14 years now, we have a track record of successfully processing more than 25000 applications with excellent success rate aiming for 100% client satisfaction.

Having profound knowledge of Immigration and countless success stories with extraordinary results have made us popular in the industry of immigration as ‘’Canada PR Visa Masters.’’ Thus we confidently claim that ‘’If we can’t get you Canada PR Visa, Nobody Can!’’

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