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I always believed that Atul Bakery will become Surat’s biggest bakery brand: Atul Vekariya

Surat:  Cake is an integral part of any celebration, but there are very few bakers, who can bake the best cake. Surat based Atul Bakery is known for its cakes and pastries. Very few people know that Atul Vekariya, Managing Director of Atul Bakery, once owned a pan shop.

Sensing that Surat needs a brand that can resonate with cakes and pastries, Atul Vekariya laid the foundation of Atul Bakery. Today, lakhs of Surtis celebrate the special moment with cake from Atul Bakery

“I owned a pan shop and later jumped into the restaurant business. During my stint as restauranter, I sensed that Surat doesn’t have a brand that is associated with cakes, pastries and other bakery products. After this, I launched Atul Bakery in January 2007,” says Atul Vekariya, who now produces 5 tons of bakery products daily.

Besides producing the best cakes, Atul Bakery is known for having the largest chain in the entire Gujarat. It has branches in the entire Gujarat and the network of the bakery is increasing day by day.

Vekariya adds,  “I always believed that one day Atul Bakery will become the biggest bakery brand in Surat. Since

day one, I worked hard to achieve this dream and today, I can say that Atul Bakery has set a new milestone in the bakery business. We are the only bakery that has pan Gujarat presence. We have 120 plus branches in Gujarat.”

So how has Atul Bakery achieved such a grand success?

“We always do research and micro-analysis of our business module. Our sole objective is to give something new to the customers. Since 2007, Atul Bakery has managed to do this and even today, we constantly work to provide innovative products to the customers. Quality is the second most important part for Atul Bakery,” adds Vekariya.

Atul Vekariya says that success of a company is based on the investment made on its employees. Atul Bakery  firmly believes that a good employee always pays back to his/her employer and company.

Atul Bakery‘s main strength is its employees, who constantly work hard to give something new to the customers. We always work as a team, which gives us strength to achieve desired results. We as a team of Atul Bakery is clear in its vision and future plans,” Vekariya further adds.

Speaking about future goals, Atul Vekariya said that he plans to make Atul Bakery a global brand having outlets and franchisee in the entire world. At present, Atul Bakery has presence in 9 countries.” By 2030, we want to have branches in at least 90 countries. We are working for it. Our short term goal is to develop Atul Bakery’s branches in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. We will also expand our presence in other parts of Gujarat,” adds Vekariya.

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Bio Resonance Therapy can prove helpful in treatment of COVID-19 patients: Dr Niraj Bhansali

Surat:- COVID-19 patients can benefit a lot with Bio Resonance Therapy, which can boost recovery among patients, especially elderly patients, says Dr Niraj Bhansali, Surat based physiotherapist. Bhansali, who has won many awards for his exceptional work, says that physiotherpy can give exceptional results to COVID-19 patients.

Dr.Niraj Bhansali

“Therapy helps in improving behavior pattern of muscles and nerve cells. It also strengthens nervous system and gauges its working. Due to this therapy hearts, lungs and kidney functions properly and body can fight against COVID-19 properly,” said Bhansali.

According to Bhansali, five elderly patients were given this therapy and they gave better results during treatment. Four patients recovered well in time, despite having age related health problems.

“This proves that threapy is giving results and it helps patients in overcoming the effects of COVID-19 treatment on the body. I would strong recommend therapy to COVID-19 patients,” adds Bhansali,

It is to be noted that Doctor Bhansali is a renowned physiotherapist in Surat and it is known for treating pain without medicines. According to Bhansali, physiotherapy proves helpful in treating COVID-19 and it results of four patients has proved this.

“All five patients, who had undergone therapy, complained of water accumulation in the lungs. Due to therapy, we were able to improve this situation and patients were able to breathe properly. If patients can breathe, they don’t need oxygen support or ventilator,” adds Bhansali.

He added that hospitals should adopt this threapy to help patients.

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Surti doctor starts COVID-19 Care Center to provide quality treatment to patients

Surat: With number of COVID-19 cases still being high in Surat and around its pheriphery, many private hospitals are coming up with facilities to treat COVID-19 patients. Surat based Dr.Nitin Mittal has started 80 bed covid centre in Vijyalaxmi hall, near Jolly Residency at Vesu. Covid Centre, which is equipped with all medical facilities, has patients from all walks of life.

Many COVID-19 patients were unable to get a bed in a hospital and were facing lot of problems due to lack of treatment, plus staying in a hospital for 5 to 10 days was not very comfortable for the patients. Considering this, I decided to create a facility, where COVID-19 can get quality treatment at an affordable cost and in a very homely environment. I tied-up with Shivjyoti Hospital and started Mittal COVID Care Center,” says Dr Nitin Mittal.

Hospital is equipped with latest treatment facilities for COVID-19 patients including fully functional COVID-19 OPD, facility to collect blood and COVID samples, oxygen support in every room and backup of ICU & Ventilator if required

Dr Mittal says that hospital has pool of qualified doctors and para-medical staff to take care of the patients. Hospital ensures that patient gets timely quality treatment.

“We have even take care for mental well-being of the COVID-19 patients. Hospital has television and games facility so that patients don’t get bored while undergoing treatment. Hospital has big lawn & terrace, where patients can enjoy a walk and rejuvenate themselves, “ adds Dr Mittal.Talking about patient’s experience, Dr Mittal says, “We constantly speak with patients to know their views on treatment and other facilities. We make every effort to implement suggestions made by patients. This has helped us in improving our services and providing better treatment facilities to patients.”  According to Dr Mittal, if need arises, he will increase the number of beds in the Mittal covid care centre.

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